Raise more money at your next fundraising event by securing  sponsorships.

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Picture your next fundraising event..

You've secured enough sponsorships to increase your organization's overall impact! Or you've covered your event expenses and now you can rest easy.

Fundraising events can be daunting tasks.

I've been there - hours on end - planning and executing fundraising events, unsure of what the final fundraising results will be.

You don't have to do it alone! I've developed a proven roadmap to successfully secure sponsorship dollars for your next fundraising event. Breath easy knowing that your sponsorship program will be a success!   

I'll coach you through the process of obtaining sponsorships.

I'm Lindsey Lebowitz, founder of Greater Good Funds, busy mom of two and fundraising nerd. I have nearly 20 years of experience raising funds for nonprofits, higher education and K-12 education. I've earned sponsorship dollars for four organizations, and developed this course with all my personal, tried and tested tips. Through the tips in this guide, I've raised over $35,000 in sponsorships, time and time again. 



The Sponsorship Guide

This on-demand, course will walk you through how to obtain more sponsorships for your next fundraising event. Join today, and begin watching instruction videos at your own pace. 


Here's what to expect:

In less than an hour of instruction, you will learn:

  • How to develop your sponsorship levels
  • How to craft your message
  • How to put together your sponsor packet 
  • Where to reach out for sponsorships
  • Step by step instructions of how to go about obtaining sponsors
  • Tips for success
  • Bonus!!! Ten links to sponsor applications


Here's what you'll get:


Tried and tested strategies delivered via on-demand, course videos ($250 value)

A template to create your own sponsor packet ($50 value)

An email template to reach out to sponsors ($35 value)  

Spreadsheet to keep you organized ($10 value)

Step by step checklist of instructions ($25 value)

46 event sponsor recognition ideas ($35 value) 

Certificate of completion

 $405 total value!

Get the Sponsorship Guide today and start raising more money for your next fundraising event!

Get the Sponsorship Guide