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Imagine if fundraising were no longer a challenge, but a well-oiled machine, effortlessly fueling your mission and propelling your cause forward. 

The Fundraising League is a strategy and support hub with a new topic in fundraising each month. 

Envision knowing exactly what you need to do to take your nonprofit to the next level. 


Now picture having the confidence to execute your fundraising strategies. The art of fundraising is demystified, and you know that reaching your goal is within reach.


Visualize not only meeting your fundraising targets but consistently exceeding them. The Fundraising League equips you with proven strategies that empower you to reach your goal again and again.


Think of the impact your nonprofit can make when you have extra resources. With the Fundraising League, you'll have the means to expand your programs, serve more individuals, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those you support. 


The Fundraising League offers proven fundraising strategies to your organization on a monthly basis. It also provides personalized support to get you where you need to go. And it's not just about the money. It's about the impact your organization can have when you meet your fundraising goals.

I'll support you while you meet and exceed your goals. 

I'm Lindsey Lebowitz, founder of Greater Good Funds, busy mom of two and fundraising nerd. I have nearly 20 years of experience raising funds for nonprofits, higher education and K-12 education. I've raised funding for large institutions and small to mid-sized nonprofits - even developing some programs from scratch. Over the years, I've earned millions of dollars through fundraising. It's not the dollars that make a difference - it's what organizations are able to do with the money that does.  My main goal is to help you achieve your fundraising goal so you can fulfill your mission. 


The Fundraising League...


walks you through a year of fundraising. Think Giving Tuesday, end of year fundraising, yearly planning, your fundraising event, and more. The Fundraising League will provide training and support through it all. Each month we will tackle a new subject.*Each month we have a group live call where we will discuss a different topic in fundraising. The calls will be recorded in case you can't make it. Here's what we have covered so far.

  • October: Your giving day (Giving Tuesday)
  • November: End of year giving
  • December: Stewardship
  • January: Planning for the year ahead
  • February: Individual Giving
  • March: Fundraising Events
  • April: "From Burnout to Connection: Reignite Your Fundraising Fire" with Fundraising Executive, Lauren Wiskerson, CFRE of Kindred Spirits Collaborative
  • May: "How Metrics Can Drive Your Fundraising Results" with Kaitlin Windle of Apte.

Additional themes will be announced soon! *Some topics may repeat after one year.

Here's what you get:


Monthly training call with a different subject or theme with various experts in fundraising.* ($6,000 value for 12 months)

With one month you will also be gifted:


A yearly membership will include:


Month to month payments = $6,157 value for $97 (recurring payments, cancel at anytime)


12 month subscription = $7,155 value for $697


Fundraising for your cause has never been more accessible. And we'll do it alongside a community that offers support, guidance and celebrates your wins. 


*Some themes may repeat after one year. 

Here's what a few clients have to say about Lindsey's fundraising strategies:


I've had the incredible pleasure of working with Greater Good Funds since early 2020. During this time, Lindsey has helped our nonprofit develop our overall fundraising strategies and successfully obtained funding from a variety of sources that propelled our organization to new heights. Lindsey is passionate about the work she does and supports REVEL in achieving our mission of supporting teens and adults with autism. I look forward to our continued partnership and working with the dedicated team at Greater Good Funds.


Stephanie Engels, Executive Director



It has been an absolute pleasure having Lindsey as our grant writer for the past two years. Being a small foundation with less than 3 employees it is critical to be efficient and maximize our efforts on all levels. Having Lindsey on the team has allowed me to focus more on the critical needs of our small yet mighty organization and trust that grant applications are being researched and applied for in a timely and organized manner. Lindsey is a critical member of our team and I am happy to recommend her.


Josh Atherton, Executive Director

St. Vrain Valley Schools Education Foundation


And past course participants have said:


Highly recommend!


I feel a lot less nervous about grant writing now and more prepared after taking the course.


I am glad to know that I have this as a resource to fall back on when I need it!


I finally took the time to listen to your Sponsorship Guide! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sending this our way! I took notes and will reference these in the future.


I found it to be clear, concise, and appreciated the tools and references.


What I learned from the course was how to think about grants-if that makes sense.  For example, I thought if I said I got support from too many places a grant provider would think I did not need their support.  On the contrary, I learned from your course that shows support and sustainability.  I learned many things like that.


I recently received a $50,000 grant from Centura for sensory gym items, Smartboards, and an AED!  This was exciting and what keeps me going. 


This is a wonderful series for people new to development and major event planning. It’s quick, clear, and energizes you to want to implement what you learned immediately.


It was extremely helpful to hear best-practice pointers on which search engines work best for different types of funding as well as the price points for different grant specific search engine subscriptions.


I brought this information back to my supervisor and team and we are looking into 'filling the gaps' in our current resources.

Join The Fundraising League

Learn new funding strategies. Join a community. Get personalized support. 


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Month to Month
12 Months