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Grant Research Tools

Learn about the various grant research tools available and how to use them.

Strategies to find Your Top Ten Prospects

Gain an understanding of how to weed through all the various funders to find the ones that are most likely to fund you. 

Types of Funders

Should you go for a government grant or a corporate funder and what's the difference? We'll go over the various types of funders so you understand your prospect list.

Grant research is one of the most important aspects to grant writing.

Imagine having a robust list of qualified funders to go after? All you have go through the list and hit your deadlines. Knowing where to look for your research and how to pull together a list of your most eligible funders is the foundation to any successful grant program. I want you to bring that to your organization and learn these skills for your personal and professional goals. Who knows, maybe you'll be a freelance grant writer one day, using these very tools!

This workshop is for

any public sector organization, school, higher education institution or nonprofit looking to grow their grant funding.

Here's what's included:

  • On-demand instruction from Lindsey Lebowitz who holds the Grant Professional Certification and is a Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainer
  • Templates to guide your work

We'll go over:

  • Your grant needs
  • Types of funders
  • Difference between a sponsorship and a grant
  • Grant research tools
  • Strategy to find your top ten prospects
  • Demonstration inside a few grant tools

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